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Expert, Quick Oil Changes at Master Lube in Taylorsville, UT

oil change for a car


Master Lube in Taylorsville makes hiring highly trained technicians a priority. You can feel secure knowing you are taking your vehicle to the best. We can perform almost every minor and major vehicle repair. At Master Lube, we know how important your vehicle is to your daily life, so we focus on getting your car running and ready to go as quickly as possible.

We offer more than just a standard oil change. We supply conventional, high-mileage, synthetic blend, and full-synthetic oil. The Master Lube Signature Service Oil Change entails comprehensive maintenance that focuses on preventing problems in your vehicle. The service includes changing, inspecting, flushing, filling, and cleaning important systems and parts of your car or truck. Our trained technicians also go over a checklist to diagnose potential problems and plan further maintenance if it is needed.


Master Lube Signature Oil Change in Taylorsville, UT

This list shows what is included in our Signature Service Oil Change and illustrates the thorough care you can expect:


– Oil change-up to five quarts of oil

– Oil filter change

– Inspect antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels

– Check engine air filtration system

– Inspect serpentine belts

– Look at brake fluid levels

– Look over wiper blades

– Inspect exterior lights

– Check the chassis (lubricate when applicable)

– Clean outside of windows

– Vacuum interior floors

– Check and fill tire pressure

– Check and fill transmission fluid

– Check and fill differential fluid

– Check and fill power steering fluid

– Check and fill power steering fluid

– Check and fill windshield washing fluid

– Check and fill battery water


With a comprehensive, detailed oil change service performed by highly skilled technicians, Master Lube allows you to Leave Worry Behind. We are determined to provide the most exceptional service while still being efficient. We know you live a busy life, and we strive to do the best job possible while still getting your car fixed fast. For a trustworthy auto shop in Taylorsville, UT, contact Master Lube for all your questions and to schedule an appointment.