Auto Maintenance Services

At Master Lube, we provide a variety of different auto maintenance services to our customers. We know how it important it is to preserve the life and value, which is why everything we do is in service of preserving vehicles and keeping our customers on the road. Learn more about our specific services, below!




State and local law in Utah requires that vehicles meet specified emissions standards, and require that vehicles pass an emissions test. This is to help ensure that each vehicle is meeting a target emissions requirement to make our air cleaner. At Master Lube, we perform emissions tests, and also conduct repairs that help to reduce the emissions output of your vehicle.


Learn more about our emissions services, here!


Oil Changes


Master Lube’s signature service oil change is a comprehensive maintenance service where we check, flush, inspect, fill, and clean the oil throughout your vehicle’s entire system. Whether your vehicle needs conventional, synthetic, or a specialized blend of oil, we only use high quality oil that is guaranteed to meet the industries highest standards throughout Utah.


Learn more about our oil changes services, here!




At Master Lube, our trained technicians are here to assist you with complete transmission fluid changes, whether your transmission is automatic or manual. It’s important to get your transmission fluid changed at the specified mileage that your manufacturer recommends, because it can greatly impact the lifetime of your transmission, thus keeping you on the road for longer.


Learn more about our transmission services, here!




Whether your vehicle has disc brakes or drum brakes, one of the specialities of the team at Master Lube is brake replacements. That includes every component of a brake system, from calipers and rotors, to shoes and pads. Obviously, it’s incredibly important to have functioning brakes, in order to maintain safety and control on Utah roads. The technicians at Master Lube are dedicated to ensuring that drivers have that.


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