When Is It Time to Replace Your Tires

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Tires

Why You Need to Replace Your Tires

Your vehicle’s tires should be its sole connecting point to the ground. As such, it is incredibly important to keep them healthy and in working order. Not only will this keep your vehicle on the road, but it will be keep you safe. Old tires often have worn down tread, which negatively impact the grip that the tires are able to have on the road. Old and worn tires will perform poorly in wet weather conditions, and may make handling and braking more difficult.

How Often You Should Replace Your Tires

Your timeline for replacing your tires can vary, depending on how you use your tires. At most, manufacturers generally recommend that you replace your tires after about 10 years, regardless of how worn the rest of the tire is. However, most tires will wear down the tread before they are on the road for 10 years. Some folks are so tough on their vehicle that they may wear down over the course of a year. It really does depend.

Check the Tread

The most important test of whether or not you need new tires is dependent on how much tread is remaining them. The easiest way to check the thread of your tires is to do something called the penny test. To do this test, take a penny and place it in the thread groove of your tire. If the tread covers up the top part of Abraham Lincoln’s head, then you have enough tread remaining. Any less, though, and you should look into getting yourself some new tires.

Call for Tire Replacement, Today!

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